Tivoneleni Bakery Cooperative Support

REEDiSA’s efforts are geared towards economic growth and consequent social change in Southern Africa, we assist our clients to build the relationship between the initiators and the beneficiaries of local economic development.

Tivoneleni Bakery Cooperative Support

Two of our Infopreneurs are supporting this bakery in Tiyani, Limpopo. They helped them to design systems and invoices.

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Through their guidance and advice, Robert & Joel (Infopreneurs) have been so helpful to our co-operative. Before we met them we used to be an unknown, hopeless entity but through their intervention we now have grown and (are) progressing. The two have taught us basic computer skills; to do invoices, file documents, write proposals & applications, & their general support on how to operate as a business cooperative has been so immeasurable. All thanks to their accessibility, we feel so empowered that we can now do all these on our own

Lisbeth Mabedle
Manager of Tivoneleni Bakery in Vhembe Limpopo Province, SA

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