Broad Enterprise Development

We integrate local economic strategies with entrepreneurial mobilisation and incubation. Our Grassroots business networks offer agency services, financial, commerce and logistic services and technology assisted skills development geared towards broad economic growth, job creation, poverty alleviation and social change in Southern Africa.

 “Local Economic Development (LED) objectives focus on local opportunities that will enhance economic growth through the identification, establishment and support of typically new enterprises. This demands an effective incubation network and implementation support. Through the incubation network new business registration can be accelerated, job creation stimulated, business services offered and relationships built with enterprises in the economic mainstream. The architecture of the incubation network is the key to form a viable framework for a range of services to inexperienced entrepreneurs running small businesses” –Uys du Buisson provides strategic inputs on Local Economic Development for REEDiSA. Uys has been involved in a range of community development initiatives for more than 25 years and is regarded as an expert in ICT4D, economic development and monitoring and evaluation.


A. Entrepreneurial support, mobilisation and incubation services:

Enterprise Support Services

  • business plans,

  • health checks,

  • promotions,

  • small business training,

  • business incubation,

  • Product Catalogues & Promos, Voucher /Coupons,

  • ender Advice & Linkages,

  • promotional catalogues for small businesses,

  • marketing.

REEDiSA specialize in enterprise-related data and information with the focussed aim to measure and boost rural development and job creation. Reliable information of this economic sector is in extreme short supply with very little really known of the extent of and opportunities in rural enterprise development. REEDiSA’s databank coupled with our locally and internationally connected and skilled infopreneur networks can be fruitfully applied in business plans, health checks, marketing, promotions, small enterprise training in various aspects of business and of various business types such as spazas, farming, tourist operators, general stores, schools.

B. Agency services:

  • Short term insurance,
  • mobile banking,
  • tele-centre- type services,
  • skills brokering,
  • government extension services,
  • prepaid commodities.

C. Financial services:

  • financing,
  • mobile banking,
  • bookkeeping.

D.  Commerce and Logistics Services:

  • value chains,
  • collaborative buying and selling,
  • promotions.

E. Technology assisted skills development: like secondary school subjects and FET type courses.


Summing up REEDiSA offers

  • Information and Knowledge services;
  • advanced ICT services and
  • change facilitation that form part of a comprehensive

Local economic development system and strategy 

 We integrate it with entrepreneurial mobilisation and incubation,

through our Grassroots business networks who offer

  • agency services,
  • financial, commerce and logistic services and
  • technology assisted skills development

which then leads to realistic and sustainable

Broad enterprise development and economic growth.


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